Check of EMF levels at upper secondary school in Aarhus, Denmark.


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Frede Lillelund

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At Aarhus secondary school multiple network operators have installed cell phone antennas. The antennas are mounted on the outside walls, and on two masts on the roof of the tallest building. There is a classroom on the top floor of the building, just below and behind the antennas, and there is a flag pole on the roof, where the staff has access. 

The staff of the school were worried that the radiation level was too high in the classroom, especially considering the young age of the students and the fact that they spend several hours a day in this room. 

Therefore Ramboll carried out EMR (electromagnetic radiation) measurements, compared to limit values set by legislation, according to the measured frequencies. The measurements documented that the EMR levels in the classroom were well below the limit values. 

Ramboll carried out further measurements on the roof of the building, close to the cell antennas. The measured EMR levels were significantly below the limit values. However, it is advisable to show caution if there are any employees at the school with medical implants. These employees should seek advice from their doctor to obtain information on the maximum EMR limits they can withstand. 

The local working environment representative was informed of the measured levels, and was informed of what to be aware of, like welders (also plastic welding machines) and if there are e.g. offices right above the main power line supplying high-power machinery. 


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