Study of EMR fields at university rooftop

Rooftop with antennas

Rooftop with antennas


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In response to concerns that levels of EMR fields (Electromagnetic Radiation) from rooftop antennas could potentially pose a health risk to workers on the roof, Ramboll conducted a study for a London based university to determine the overall risk.

The study examined the overall EMR fields from rooftop antennas located on the roof of the university and the surrounding building. Measurements were carried out on site and compared to current Health & Safety Regulations in the UK.

Conclusion of the study

The study concluded that no alarming levels of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) were discovered on the roof. University maintenance staff was advised that they could perform work in all areas of the roof, without having to worry about EMR from the antennas.  Only when working close to antennas, the antennas should be switched off. 

Based on the findings of the study, the University was advised that moving some of the antennas would result in the following benefits: 

  • Elimination of “hot spot” on a new neighbouring, where the top corner is located in the main beam of 2 of the university antennas.
  • Improved coverage, since a new tall building is causing a “coverage hole”.

In addition to the study, Ramboll provided general Health & Safety guidance in regards to working close to antennas.


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