Refurbishment of 150 kV lines at Studstrup Power Station

Studstrup Power Plant

Studstrup Power Plant



Flemming Stig Pedersen

Head of Department, Electrical Power Systems
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Studstrup Power Station in Aarhus is about to reach the end of its service life and will now undergo extensive refurbishment. Ramboll is advising the owner of the plant, DONG Energy, in all project phases for this work from analysis through to commissioning.

Studstrup Power Station supplies electricity to the grid through a 2x150 kV line to Trige substation. As part of the refurbishment the reliability of the overhead transmission line is ensured for the coming years.

Refurbishment of 150 kV lines

The existing line has steel lattice towers with 2x3x772 mm2 St/Al phase conductors and 173 mm2 St/Al shield wire.

Following an assessment of the line condition it has been decided to replace the existing shield wire with OPGW, replace all phase insulators, carry out repairs on towers and replace obsolete protection relays.

Ramboll's services comprise:

  • Assessment of line condition

  • Proposal for refurbishment

  • Preparation of tender documents

  • Tendering and award of contract

  • Supervision, testing and commissioning

  • Project management

Refurbishment of 150 kV breakers

The existing breakers are pneumatically operated with double breaking chambers and high SF6 gas pressure.
It has been technically challenging and costly to find replacement breakers due to the installation near to generators and the related breaking conditions and it has therefore been decided to refurbish five of the existing breakers. The refurbishment includes a full renovation of all pneumatic systems and breaker poles, modernisation where possible and performance tests.

Ramboll’s scope of work

Ramboll is the Client’s representative in connection with the planning, organisation and follow-up on assessment, procurement and refurbishment of the breakers.

Ramboll's services comprise:

  • Assessment of breaker conditions

  • Analysis of choice between replacement or refurbishment

  • Establishment of  scope of refurbishment

  • Procurement

  • Supervision, testing and commissioning

  • Project management


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