Addressing methane using soil vapor extraction

Shopping Mall, São Paulo, Brazil

Shopping Mall, São Paulo, Brazil


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Gustavo de Mello

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Maria Jose Neves Haranaka

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Environmental studies conducted around a well-known São Paulo, Brazil shopping mall, built over an area formally used for the disposal of solid urban waste and construction debris, identified the presence of methane gas in the subsurface immediately below the floor (sub-slab) at a depth of 1.5 meters.

Ramboll designed an active vapor extraction system to mitigate the concentrations of methane detected in the subsoil of the property and to ensure vapor intrusion control, thus reducing the risk of methane flammability in air. The system features gas drains, similar to those used in waste landfills, to promote vacuum and control the potential risk of methane migration. In addition, two pilot tests using air stripping technology were carried out in specific areas of the project in order to reduce the concentration of dissolved methane in groundwater.

As part of the project, Ramboll also supervised construction of the system and subsequent performance monitoring during its operation. General monitoring activities include daily monitoring of ambient air concentrations inside and outside the building, as well as monthly monitoring of all onsite gas monitoring wells.


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