Barber Pool Conservation Area master plan

Spillway - Barber Pool Conservation Area

Spillway - Barber Pool Conservation Area


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Ramboll is helping conserve and enhance a privately owned 700-acre riverine and wetland site along the Boise river to protect critical habitat for bald eagles.

The primary goal of the Barber Pool project is to develop a master plan to address the conservation and enhancement of a 700-acre riverine and wetland site along the Boise river to protect critical habitat for bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and other targeted organisms. 

Private and public organisations in partnership

The Barber Pool Conservation Area represents the largest remaining riparian community and eagle habitat in the Boise area, gifted to conservation over four decades ago. The area is owned by Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands, a private foundation, which is working together with local non-profit organizations, businesses and local government organizations to safeguard and improve on this critical wildlife habit that is home to more than 300 species.

Reviewing data and creating restoration plans

Ramboll has assisted with the review of existing data including riverine, wetland, hydrologic and hydrology information, vegetation assessment, past public outreach and master planning efforts, surveys of avian, wildlife, aquatic organisms, invasive species, infrastructure and trails data. Following data review, a gap analysis was developed to formalize next steps and information needs. The analysis was used to assist with public outreach and master planning efforts, and the creation of restoration plans to guide project implementation and monitoring efforts.

Reconnecting and rejuvenating the wetland and riverine systems

The project is currently focused on refining its hydrologic data through active measurement utilizing piezometers to note current groundwater elevations. Groundwater elevations will be measured for several seasons and the documented levels will be aligned with surface elevations to reconnect the wetland, riparian and riverine hydrology. Upon reconnection, the rejuvenated wetland and riverine system will be replanted with native black cottonwood (Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa) and other native flora to help rejuvenate its eagle habitat and improve ecosystem functionality and services.

The Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands is currently engaged in a funding campaign to help finance habitat improvement. A wide variety of national, regional and local grants are being solicited to facilitate next steps and help improve and preserve this important wildlife conservation area.


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