Exposure and risk assessment of PFAS in consumer products

boy wearing waterproof jacket

boy wearing waterproof jacket


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Residual PFAS concentrations 

Fluorotelomers and fluoropolymers produced by our client were historically used in the manufacture of a range of consumer products including carpeting, clothing, upholstery, non-stick cookware, high-performance hose and tubing, cable and wire insulating layers, and various liquid consumer products. 

The possibility that residual levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) might be present in some of these consumer products prompted closer examination under the firm’s product stewardship program, and to address questions raised by regulatory agencies. 

Evaluating risk

Ramboll quantitatively evaluated multiple pathways of exposure, including dermal contact, hand-to-mouth contact following handling of treated articles, mouthing of articles by infants and inhalation of dust and vapors. We characterized risks using a pharmacokinetic model to relate PFOA exposures to corresponding concentrations in blood, and by comparing estimated levels of exposure to toxicity benchmarks derived by Ramboll based on an evaluation of occupational and animal studies. 

Combining exposure risk with analytical data

We estimated potential risks associated with the articles based on the application of a series of human exposure factors combined with analytical data from tests on consumer articles manufactured using fluoropolymer and fluorotelomer-based products. 

Ramboll’s work was reviewed by a panel of independent experts in the area of exposure and risk assessment, and summarized in an article published in Environmental Science & Technology. 

Reducing PFAS in consumer products

Ramboll’s evaluation assisted the client in refining its PFAS product stewardship program, and in effectively addressing concerns that had been raised by regulatory agencies. 


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