Helsinki Central Library

Helsinki Central Library

Helsinki Central Library


Erkki Pekkanen

T: +358 50 388 3126

Tapio Aho

Director, Design Services
T: +358 50 553 9290

The Central Library Oodi opened to the public on the eve of the Finnish Independence Day 6th of December 2018. Besides its function as a library, Oodi is a new landmark in the heart of Helsinki, a place for learning, doing and a tourist destination.

Ramboll has been responsible for structural design, project management and construction, HVAC design, maintenance book coordination and cooling design. ALA Architects designed the Central Library and YIT Construction Ltd was the building contractor.

The multifaceted and impressive central library has been one of the most demanding projects in Finland. Ramboll carried out the structural design of the library building in international co-operation. In addition to the Finnish experts, some of the best experts in the field from Denmark and the UK were involved. 

In addition to the traditional tasks of a library, the modern and vibrant space will serve as a cultural living room and a multimedia center for various events. The Central Library will become an important hub for the citizens of Helsinki and it will be a landmark with its central location in Töölönlahti. 

Technically, the central library is full of complex solutions, hiding the steel arch bridge that acts as the building's backbone. Two nearly 800 tons of steel arch supporting the frame of the building are over 100 meters long. Despite the complexity of Oodi's design and construction project, no compromises have been made with the architectural vision and the quality objectives set for the project. 

The Central Library is an example of steel, concrete, wood and glass construction, which is highly energy efficient and it’s almost a zero energy building. 

The structure has a gross area of 17,000 m2 and the main structures of Oodi have been manufactured in Finland, only the glass structures and some of the wooden structures of the façade are imported.


First Floor, Emerald Building
Oud Metha Road
PO Box 116921, Dubai, UAE
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