Sustainable remedial option selection for a Fire Pond

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Fire Dam


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There was uncertainty over the sustainability of the proposals – whether the widening should go ahead at all, and if so, was there merit in remediating the metal-impacted sediment especially as the only practicable technique was dredging and off-site disposal.

Three options were therefore short-listed for review:

no remedial action + no road,

no remedial action + road and

remedial action + road, remediation involving excavation and disposal.

Ramboll deployed sustainability assessment, based on SuRF- UK guidance to evaluate the relative sustainability of (a) no remedial action, no road, (b) no remedial action, with road and (c) remedial action, with road.

For the three domains of Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability, a series of indicators (such as greenhouse gas, impact on human health, changes in land values  etc) were identified and assigned a weighting based on their relative importance for the project. Each option was then scored according to its relative impact on each indicator. The weighted scores were summated and normalised according to the maximum to produce a total score for each of the three domains and for sustainability as a whole.

The zero alternative, no remedial action + no road, scored high environmentally, due to low carbon-foot print and waste related criteria, closely followed by remedial action + road due the benefit of clean sediment in the pond. Socially, both alternatives with the road scored high, though the highest scoring was without remedial action. Economically, remedial action + road scored high due to increased property value when cleaned up. 

Overall, remedial action + road scored highest and was thereby recommended as the most sustainable option. A detailed account of the rationale for the scoring was retained within the tool so that the decision making process was entirely transparent to all stakeholders. 


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