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John Harald Amundsen

John Harald Amundsen

Spearhead Director, Rail Systems, Norway
T: +47 47451315

Shorter travel distance to the capital.

Ramboll is planning a double track railway from Sandbukta north of the City of Moss, to Såstad in Rygge municipality, South of Moss. This section has a total length of approximately 10 km and includes a tunnel under Moss city centre and through Carlberget. A new station will be established in the City of Moss. Ramboll is collaborating with Sweco and the project includes more than 30 different disciplines.

The Sandbukta – Moss – Såstad line project is scheduled for completion in 2023. In the spring of 2015 there was an optimization phase to choose the right trace of the line. Furthermore, in 2015, a zoning plan, environmental impact assessment and a technical detailed planning were carried out. In 2016 the tender documents for construction of the preparatory work, construction contract for railway engineering works and the EPC contract will be prepared.

The new double track will provide shorter travel time and increased capacity for both passenger trains and goods trains. The project will develop a functional and efficient hub for the city of Moss next to the new station.


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