Norwegian ERTMS National Implementation - Framework agreement Technical consultants


Ellen Leite Haugen

Principal Consultant
T: +47 908 93 694

The Rambøll Consortium is technical consultant to the ERTMS national implementation project in Norway. The project scope is installation on ERTMS in trains, trackside and procurement of a new Traffic Management System (TMS/CTC).

The introduction of a common European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) throughout Europe aims at improving the connectivity between European cities and capitals and allow for seamless travel within the EU.

The Norwegian Rail Administration (Bane NOR) is responsible for a national rollout of ERTMS in Norway. This includes a total renewal of existing trackside signalling system, a new Traffic Management System and an ERTMS Onboard solution to be installed in a variety of rail vehicles operating in Norway. 

According to Bane NOR’s ERTMS National Implementation Plan, a high level descrip¬tion of the programme for signalling renewal, the sequential roll out of ERTMS Level 2 Baseline 3 will be completed country-wide by 2032. 

Engineering of ERTMS and TMS relies on a high amount of data with a specific accuracy level, combined with the track layout topography. In order to support an efficient and error prone data transfer from Bane NOR, resources from the Consortium is performing an Infrastructure Data Measurement analysis. 

Ramboll is in consortium with SIGNON Deutschland GmbH, SIGNON Switzerland AG, Rail Expert Consult GmbH, EMCH+Berger AG Bern and Cideon Schweiz AG.

The consortium is the largest ERTMS consultant team involved in providing consultancy services and experts to the Norwegian ERTMS National implementation project. 

The resources from the Consortium play a major role in the planning and execution of the project. This also includes risk management, stakeholder management, requirement specification, tender preparation and evaluations within the overall implementation project. 

Rambøll resources are also engaged in the planning, engineering and preparation for the first lines to be implemented.


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