Regional Sea Level Rise

A change in the sea level in Western Norway, generally a permanent increase with extreme periodic variation, will strengthen the negative and harmful effects we are already experience in conjunction with periodic extreme high tides.

In the Bergen region future increases in sea level will have consequences for the whole shoreline. The inner harbour basin contains many of our most valuable historic monuments and both the inner and outer harbour basins contain significant economic activities, residential areas and future planned developments.

This project that is now complete has addressed the following challenges:
  1. The UN’s Climate Panel (IPCC) has modelled different global scenarios for changes in sea level due to climate change. Which possible changes to the sea level in Western Norway, periodic or permanent, can be anticipated if these global scenarios are to be relied upon?
  2. What are the possible technical alternatives available that can limit the damaging effects of a general and/or periodic rise in sea level in the Bergen region?

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