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Baltic connector

Baltic connector


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Ramboll was awarded a FEED study for Balticconnector - an offshore 20” gas transportation pipeline of approximately 81 km (50 miles) in the Gulf of Finland aiming at interconnecting the Finnish and Estonian natural gas distribution networks.

Enhancing the gas transmission in the Baltic area

Baltic Connector Oy is a state owned company in Finland set up in 2015 to implement the Finnish part for the Balticconnector. The goal of the transnational pipeline was to ensure a more coherent and diverse system that could guarantee the security of supply on both sides of the Gulf of Finland. 

FEED study for the offshore pipeline system

Part of the Balticconnector project, Ramboll was offered a FEED study that comprised advanced free-spanning analyses, seabed intervention works due to very rough conditions along the pipeline route caused by outcropping bedrock, and a landfall design in both ends of the offshore pipeline.  
The award came after a pre-FEED phase in the second half of 2014 when Ramboll performed a preliminary technical design for the pipeline. The FEED study started in July 2015 and ended in February 2016 with a total of 5205 man hours invested. 

Co-financed by the European Union

The implementation of the Balticconnector project was a valuable step towards establishing a reliable gas network in the Baltic region, increasing the forthcoming development of the area. Balticconnector was co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), a key EU funding instrument supporting the development and interconnection of European infrastructure in terms of transport, energy and digital services.


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