Tyra East Rationalisation Project

The Maersk operated Tyra East platform in the Danish North Sea. Photo courtsey of Maersk Oil

The Maersk operated Tyra East platform in the Danish North Sea. Photo courtsey of Maersk Oil


Søren Eg Hansen, Ramboll Oil & Gas. Senior Project Manager

Søren Eg Hansen

B.Sc., mechanical eng., Director, Projects Department
T: +45 5161 7379

The Tyra Field is the largest gas field in the Danish North Sea sector – it is operated by Maersk Oil, and has been producing since 1984. Ramboll was part of the Tyra East Rationalisation Project; just one phase in a series of Optimisation Projects in the field.

Optimising production for future demand

This series of projects was commissioned in order to accommodate the late field life and resulting lower reservoir pressure. The production forecast showed an expected decline in gas and condensate production, which is a feature of all gas fields as they reach a mature stage of production. The opportunity was taken to accelerate tail end production, which helped to increase the overall recovery from the Tyra field by adding additional wellhead compression.

In addition, a decision was reached to reduce the gas processing capacity in line with future demand. The Tyra East Rationalisation Project included optimisations of the Tyra complex and gas infrastructure by reducing capacities to match the future production forecasts and thereby reducing operation cost.

Cooperation with Maersk Oil

The Rationalisation Project was carried out by Ramboll in cooperation with Maersk Oil, over a period of 40 weeks in 2012. The primary project objective was to make a smooth and effective project execution with a 'single drawing pass life cycle'. Ramboll has previously worked with Maersk Oil on another phase within the Tyra Field, the Wellhead Compression Project, in 2011.


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