2500 telecom towers assessed by Ramboll in Indonesia

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Telecom tower


Bobby Naveed Jamal

Bobby Naveed Jamal

Vice Director Towers & Telecom
T: +45 5161 6720

Services we provided

Ramboll provides consultancy service - audits & design - for Indonesia’s largest Independent Tower Company, Tower Bersama Group (TBG), who acquired 2,500 mobile towers from the country’s no. 2 operator PT Indosat.

Tower Bersama Group (TBG) is Indonesia’s largest independent Tower Company and owns more than 10,000 towers presently via turnkey build or by buying operators existing towers. The last mentioned is becoming more and more a focus area.

TBG selected Ramboll to assist them with ensuring the purchased passive infrastructure assets – towers and foundations – were able to safely withstand additional tower loading as they increase each towers tenancy ratio.

2500 sites in 6 months timeline

The project goal was to perform engineering audit and design analysis for a total of 2500 purchased self-supporting towers in Indonesia on behalf of TBG, and to classify them in different categories based on their condition and loading capacity.

The project goal has been successfully achieved with a cost effective solution and strong well proven processes and tools.

In Indonesia, where competitive pricing is a must, TBG has appreciated the Ramboll value of the cost effective setup with project management in Indonesia, design team from Denmark combined with engineering volume work performed remotely by Ramboll's efficient engineers in India. This led to a cost effective project where high skilled niche engineering premium services is valued and appreciated. There has been a mutual respect and a great teamwork established between Ramboll and TBG, creating long term sustainable business in Indonesia.

Market Trends

Stricter Government laws mandate operators to collocate on towers, minimizing unnecessary tower congestion for society. Technology advancement into 4G (LTE) or combining multiple technologies (2G/3G/4G) requires more tower types and loading considerations in order to support the demand for data speed coverage & capacity.  This requires niche engineering companies, like Ramboll, to support the Operators & Tower Companies to insure towers are safe, and expandable for their business endeavours.

The Tower Companies, like TBG, are required by their customers to provide towers, with all the changing technology and loading demands, and keep them safe for the Operators. Ramboll’s innovative approach to designs and engineering solution combined with high skilled project managers becomes a valuable strength to the Tower Companies like TBG.


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