Monitoring the condition of telecoms infrastructure

Due to rapid development in the Indian telecoms market, there is a great demand to fully utilise existing telecoms infrastructure. This has led to an increase in sharing of tower infrastructure by telecoms companies. The associated proliferation in site tenancies has resulted in the installation of additional electrical and electronic equipment.

Reducing telecoms site failures and outages

It is a well know fact that downtime on telecoms infrastructure is costly for the infrastructure companies and a problem for mobile operators and subscribers. However, the risk of failures and outages at the sites due to poor or malfunctioning equipment may be drastically reduced when the condition of infrastructure is closely monitored and tracked on an ongoing basis.

To achieve this, Ramboll has developed a technique for auditing the sites by using thermal imaging cameras, anemometers, vibration sensors, clamp meters and noise meters. In combination, these techniques provide an opportunity to thoroughly measure and track the condition and functioning of this essential equipment.

Assessing the condition of all passive equipment

In 2010, leading telecoms infrastructure company, VIOM, commissioned us to perform these types of equipment surveys at their sites. In India, this was the first time equipment of this kind was used to assess the condition of all passive equipment at sites. We have yielded positive results, saving our customers time and money by detecting potential problems before they become critical.

To date, we have performed surveys for VIOM on more than 3,500 sites, and we continue to work together on an ongoing basis.


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