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Mogens G. Nielsen

Mogens G. Nielsen

Senior Chief Consultant, Ramboll Energy
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It is a challenging task to implement Digital Terrestial Television to the interface of 40 years old existing masts. This task requires expert engineering skills and an experienced mounting team for a successful chopper placement of the new antennas. Twenty 16 meter long antennas are mounted over a period of 2 years up to July 2008 in order to realise the political decision of changing to digital television in Norway.

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is an implementation of digital technology to provide a greater number of channels and better quality of picture and sound using aerial broadcasts to a conventional antenna instead of a satellite dish or cable connection.

Challenging conditions

As far as possible, the antennas and masts are placed in the middle of nowhere and often on rocks with limited access. Consequently, the mounting of the antennas is carried out by use of choppers. This means that the mounting is very dependendant on the weather conditions, limiting the mounting period to the summertime. Due to the short mounting period there has to be a lot of focus on project management and delivery schedules during the process.

The masts are placed from Kristiansand in the South of Norway to Alta in the North - almost near Nordkapp. Therefore, the masts in the most Northern parts of Norway are strengthened and protected against the arctic climate. Here, the masts are wrapped in a kind of plastic cylinder to keep away ice accretion from the masts and antennas.

Ramboll Telecom has been responsible for the structural design and project management of this project.


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