Expanding the load bearing capacity of 3GIS masts and towers for LTE (4G)


Frede Lillelund

Frede Lillelund

Head of Department Towers and Steel Structures
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The new mobile LTE (4G) network is being implemented all across Sweden. This requires an upgrade of many of the existing structures – primarily guyed masts – to carry the increased antenna loads. Ramboll assists 3GIS in their upgrading process, in a one-shop solution.

In order to avoid many new masts and towers, Ramboll assists 3GIS with advanced static calculations of existing masts and towers for the implementation of new antennas and feeders.

Ramboll makes sophisticated and nuanced calculations, which takes each individual mast’s site and conditions into account. Applying these calculations may enable 3GIS to install further equipment for mobile services, e.g. LTE (4G), in the mast without having to reinforce it, as they still meet the Building Standards.

In other cases, reinforcements of the masts have been necessary, which have been done by adding extra guys and guy frames to the existing mast. In order to optimize the investment, detailed calculations are done in order to analyse and determine the optimal height and numbers of new guys. In the last phase, Ramboll arranges the supply and installation of new guys and frames, and updates all documentation. This process is an easy one-shop solution for the client.

3GIS has about 1500 sites in Sweden build built by Ramboll from between 2001 to and 2007.


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