GSM-R Banedanmark Roll-out project


Frede Lillelund

Frede Lillelund

Head of Department Towers and Steel Structures
T: +45 5161 6045

Banedanmark has decided to establish GSM-R coverage along all tracks in Denmark including tracks owned by private operators. Ramboll has as won the Civil Works part of the project, which in total was approx. 350 sites covering all of Denmark. About 200 of the sites were tower sites.

The upgrade of the signalling system was needed in order to ensure continuous and efficient communication between the trains and the control center. All old equipment had to be taken out of service at the same time, which put the pressure on the Danish railway company Banedanmark to ensure a quick and complete roll-out with a nonnegotiable deadline.

Ramboll workforce had many years of experience to ensure a cost effective roll-out. In the process Ramboll also used its own developed RamSite database to ensure an easy flow of information to Ramboll´s many subcontractors. 

The total project had a turnover a little above 110 mio. DKK. Ramboll won the tender due to an extensive knowledge of performing a cost effective rollout, where we were able to supply the project with our own developed design for towers etc. The project included concrete foundations, tower or antenna bearing structures, access, power, earthing and a base plate for mobile equipment – outdoor unit.  

Ramboll had made an agreement/contract with 5-6 subcontractors, which helped in different parts of Denmark. Ramboll also made supervision and project management of the work performed in the field. Ramboll established a local storage of towers and cast in parts, which helped the roll-out to be a cost efficient process that meets the client’s time schedule expectations. 

In order to ensure a good cooperation with Banedanmark, regular meetings on all levels were held to ensure action was taken to overcome problems before they slowed the roll-out process and could develop into major problems.


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