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Frede Lillelund

Frede Lillelund

Head of Department Towers and Steel Structures
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Those living near sites containing telecommunication masts are often concerned about the level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by the antennas. These concerns are sometimes the source of strain within neighbourhoods, as well as between local people and mobile operators.

Since 2004, Ramboll has been able to offer an independent consultancy service for EMR measurement, which is being requested with increased regularity by our customers.

Ramboll is typically asked to verify the level of EMR emitted by an antenna, and to produce an easily understood report interpreting these measurements - this document can then be distributed to residents in the surrounding area. 

Using the EMR report, Ramboll can help local residents understand the technical information and data, thereby enabling more informed and constructive dialogue between local residents and mobile operators.


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