Smart Site Solution, SMART site (SMall Area Rambøll Tower site)


Pankaj Sachdeva, Country Market Director – Energy & Telecom

Pankaj Sachdeva

Global Spearhear Director, Towers & Telecom
T: +91 40 4032 2065

Ramboll Thailand and Ramboll Indonesia together developed a SMART site concept for NSN and Ericsson. The idea with the smart site is to minimize overall site costs.

The Built-in Equipment Platform (BEPF) which is designed as the universal fixation which can be mounted to bottom section of different Ramboll 3-legged tubular tower families.

Ramboll Telecom created the SMART site solution to innovation, product and service quality, cost reduction, and process improvement to customers. The Built-in Equipment Platforms (BEPF), is designed to support outdoor BTS and Rectify cabinets on the bottom section of 3-legged tubular tower.

By using the concept the size of the site can be reduced to an absolutely minimum (footprint of tower). In addition the following other advantages are obtained:

  • Perfect protection for flooding
  • No separate foundation for Equipment
  • Combined with Anti-climb devices - no fencing of compound needed
  • Shorter feeder run
  • Less Grounding systems needed
  • Perfect lightning protection (equipment inside “Faraday cage”)

There are two types, 1. External Type for tower 35m or less and 2. Internal Type for tower taller 35m. Both types comprise of platform which is flexible for equipments layout and working space, guard rails, overhead cable ladder and sun shade roof. Hence, it reduces cost of construction, grounding system, feeder installation and site rental cost also time saving erection cost significantly. For material saving, steel weight by up to 40% and weight of foundation by up to 20%.

SMART site solution will be new trendy way for telecom site because

  • Lower CAPEX
  • Lower OPEX
  • Easier Installation


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