Study and cost-benefit analysis of future mobile broadband connections


Frede Lillelund

Frede Lillelund

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Due to increasing mobile use, many countries are considering new ways to regulate the use of the 700MHz band. Today, this is allocated to radio and television broadcast (DTT - Digital Terrestrial Television).

The Danish Government has decided to study the future need for spectrum for DTT and the possibilities for using the 700 MHz band for mobile purposes after 2020. The new mobile connection technologies need more capacity and the 700 MHz band is one candidate band for increasing the capacity.

Strong, cross-organizational team

A team consisting of Progira, Robincon, Ramboll Management Consulting and Ramboll Energy (lead) has won a Danish Business Authority study of the consequences of allocating the 700 MHz band to the fourth generation mobile system LTE in Denmark. It’s a very strong team, which cover all the competencies required to perform the assignment, including extensive experience in telecommunication (both broadcast and mobile) and socio-economic competencies. 

The assignment was won in competition with two other teams. “To our knowledge, Denmark is the first country to include a socio-economic assessment of whether to apply the 700 MHz band for radio/television or for mobile phones in its considerations. We hope other countries will go follow the same path, which would give our team a strong position and reference in future studies all over the world,” says Frede Lillelund, Head of Department, Towers and Steel Structures

Focus of the study

The main questions to be answered by the study are:

  • Expected development of the use of radio/television broadcast from 2020 to 2030?
  • Need for capacity for radio/television broadcast?
  • The socio-economic consequences for radio/television broadcast and the mobile industry if the 700 MHz band is allocated to mobile services?


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