Increasing and tracking tower capacity


Ulrik Støttrup-Andersen

Ulrik Støttrup-Andersen

Technical Director, Telecoms
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Ramboll has performed tower loading validation activities (TLVA) since January 2010 on all Indus telecoms sites.

The booming telecoms market in India has led to a consolidation of passive infrastructure such as towers and masts. In addition, the advent of new technological demands for 3G and 4G networks has resulted in a rising demand for tower sharing.

Indus Towers, the world’s largest mobile infrastructure company, has approximately 110,000 towers in India, which they use for their own operations and rent out to other operators. Initially, the tenancy ratios at the sites were around 1.2, whilst the requirement to break even was around 2.

Tower loading validation activities

To accommodate for a rise in the number of tenants, thereby also improving earnings at the Indus sites, Ramboll has performed tower loading validation activities (TLVA) since January 2010. Here, we classify all Indus telecoms sites into design families and maintain the data bank tracking the existing tower loads in order to establish how much more load may be permitted on these towers.

During this process, every tower is thoroughly examined and validated for additional capacity, either with or without strengthening the structures. During this project, we have validated 30,000 towers to date, and have suggested strengthening solutions for 8,000 sites to increase the capacity for tenancies at these sites.


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