Fawley Oil Refinery - Marine Terminal Berth 5

Marine Terminal Berth 5 at Fawley Oil Refinery, Southampton UK. Ramboll

Marine Terminal Berth 5 at Fawley Oil Refinery, Southampton UK. Ramboll


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This project contributed to the continual safe operation of one of the UK’s most critical pieces of infrastructure. It involved asset management at the marine terminal and devising capacity enhancement measures as part of the upgrade of existing berths to accommodate larger VLCC vessels.

Situated on Southampton Water, Fawley is the largest Oil Refinery in the UK and one of the most complex in Europe, processing around one-fifth of the UK’s daily crude oil requirement. The jetties at the 1.5km long marine terminal handle approximately 2,000 ship movements and 22 million tonnes of crude oil and other products every year.

Ramboll was appointed to provide a range of services to facilitate dredging to enable deeper draught vessels to berth. This involved a series of structural inspections and assessments of the jetties and fender systems at Berth 5 (the main berths that handles the import of crude oil), and the design of supplementary structures.

Structural inspection of the jetty and fender system

Condition inspections and structural assessments were followed by concept designs and preparation of a contract package to facilitate dredge deepening at Berth 5. Recommended improvements included a new fender system and the installation of a new toe skirt retaining wall to the base of the jetty to enable a deeper dredge pocket.

Full height inspection of the support piles (above and below water)

The structural assessment of Berth 5 involved assessing the geotechnical capabilities of the existing piles which support the berth and associated input into the feasibility study and scheme design for deepening the berth.

Supervising site investigations

Site investigation works on the live berth included seabed boreholes, certified pressure testing and non-destructive testing of the structure. Ramboll also provided assistance to the client in the procurement stages of the project and made recommendations on remedial works to extend the remaining life of the marine fuel transfer berths.

Detailed structural investigations and advanced non-linear finite element analysis

Detailed berthing analysis was used to accurately assess various elements of the marine terminal and justify extended life proposals. This included modelling and analysing the design for the new toe skirt retaining wall.

Environmental considerations

Although the area is heavily industrialised, it is a highly protected wetland site designated of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, and is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

Ramboll coordinated and designed surveys for benthic fauna, chemical and water sampling at intertidal and sub-tidal locations as well as saltmarsh and hydrocarbon sampling of foreshore.

The area survey included GIS interpretation of the extent of protected area of saltmarsh using aerial photography to determine status of the saltmarsh.



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