Jersey Airport: Future Airport

Artist's impression of the outside view of Jersey airport . Image courtesy of Ports of Jersey

Artist's impression of the outside view of Jersey airport . Image courtesy of Ports of Jersey


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Major redevelopment of Jersey Airport will include the creation of an integrated arrivals and departures terminal. Value for money will be achieved by upgrading operational elements including security and lounge facilities at the same time as constructing a new mezzanine floor.


Existing buildings reconfigured into a ‘new’ airport

The future investment in Jersey Airport planned by Ports of Jersey (PoJ) is for the creation of a 'new' airport to enhance the overall passenger journey experience by providing a modern facility that meets airline partners' future requirements, and addresses compliance requirements.

Subject to approvals, we will create an integrated arrivals and departures facility by transferring departures to an upper floor and the arrivals facility on the ground floor. The existing arrivals building, which does not meet current aviation standards is to be demolished.

The refurbishment of all departures gates will also be completed to link both arriving and departing passengers through to the existing pier, which will be modernised.

Airport Forecourt

A new plaza at the front of the terminal building will create a forecourt with a security exclusion zone, which is required to achieve regulatory compliance.

Stand reconfiguration

Ramboll undertook a review of the existing traffic pattern forecasts in the airport:

  • AIRCAP and AIRCAST software were used to determine that the airport was experiencing a move from low volume, high frequency traffic to high volume, low frequency traffic.
  • Aircraft movements were checked through a swept path analysis facilitated using AVIPLAN.
  • The updated traffic forecast and current EASA standards, led to plans to reconfigure the stand layout. It is critical that these works are planned to co-ordinate with the revisions to the terminal layout. The design for the reconfigured stand layout will include surface markings and floodlighting realignment.

    Phasing of improvements minimises disruption to passengers

    Initially, this project will require the construction of a new 2,300 square-metre mezzanine extension to the existing departures terminal building.

    The delivery of the new arrivals and departures facilities will be phased to minimise disruption to passengers and impact on the live airport environment.

    The final phase is the demolition of the existing arrivals terminal building to address regulatory issues. The added benefit of the demolition is to release valuable land on the constrained airport site for future development.

    Incorporating future-proof upgrades leads to value for money

    Ramboll worked closely with the airport to develop the brief by incorporating multiple future capital improvement projects into the reconfiguration. This approach is designed to achieve value for money by upgrading operational elements including security and lounge facilities at the same time as constructing a new mezzanine floor.

    Ramboll provides project management and multidisciplinary design services to Ports of Jersey

    Ramboll is providing project management and multidisciplinary design services supported by Chapman Taylor Architects and Jersey based consultants: Hartigan (engineering), Tillyard (costs) and Waddington Architects (planning). We also appointed Ramboll’s inhouse teams to provide consultancy for building services design, acoustics, fire and vertical transportation.

    Ramboll is on Ports of Jersey’s consultancy services framework and successfully bid for this project in 2016. Our role as lead consultant is headed by our Project Management team.

    This commission follows the successful completion of a number of projects in recent years on behalf of Ports of Jersey both at the airport and the Island’s harbours. Ramboll designed and managed the sub-consultancy for the replacement of the Airport Cargo Centre, and engineering workshops with a new building located on the southern boundary of the airfield.

    The Masterplan includes opportunities for future development

    This project is an important part of the PoJ Masterplan and releases areas of the airport site for future development opportunities. For example, subject to planning permissions, future follow-on projects might include a multi-storey carpark and an airport fire station.


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