The Building Services designs for the Main Terminal Building are founded on the principles of
efficiency, resilience and flexibility.  

1. Provide efficient systems which can cope with the extreme climactic conditions. 
2. Provide a high level of redundancy and resilience to ensure the Main Terminal, which is the heart of the airport’s operation, remains functional at all times.  
3. Provide maximum flexibility for future change to allow the building to flex and adapt as the aviation market evolves. 

The climate in St Petersburg varies enormously from summer to winter requiring internal environmental conditions to be controlled through sophisticated digital management systems linked to variable speed drives on plant. Our designs incorporate daylight linked lighting controls and heat recovery techniques on ventilation plant to maximise the energy efficiency of Pulkovo Airport’s new terminal building. Systems are designed to cater for the functional and process requirements of the airport operations together with the flexibility required to react to the fast changing demands of the retail concessions. Back-up power systems in the form of UPS and diesel generators together with interleaved distribution networks provide the security of supply necessary to ensure continuous operation. 


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