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Ramboll has developed a remedial options sustainability evaluation tool (ROSET) to enable a transparent selection of the most sustainable remedial solution for contaminated land, using a semi-quantitative approach.

The tool provides simple measures for identifying and weighting sustainability criteria, including carbon and energy, then scoring/ranking the remediation candidate options accordingly.

It enables the soil and groundwater remediation decisions that drive carbon reduction, both directly through minimising greenhouse gases and indirectly through resource consumption and waste production, to be identified and weighted accordingly during the remedial options appraisal process.

Having a specific tool for identifying the most sustainable remedial option allows Ramboll to promote environmentally-friendly, low carbon usage remedial techniques, whilst seeking cost- eective solutions that are also consistent with socioeconomic considerations of sustainability.

On the basis that several hundred tonnes of carbon could typically be saved in a single remediation project, consistently adopting sustainable approaches can make a significant contribution to mitigating  climate change.

ROSET determines the most sustainable remedial option at minimal cost, using a transparent and robust procedure that is defensible to the regulator and other stakeholders, as well as demonstrating client-specific benefits. This tool is therefore attractive to existing clients looking for cost eective ways to integrate sustainability within the decision-making process.


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