Assessing offshore wind potential in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center project

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center project



Joseph P. Vitale

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An assessment led by Ramboll experts identified 18 locations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as viable supply chain infrastructure sites for future offshore wind development, fueling the momentum of renewable energy in the US.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) awarded Ramboll and team partners a contract to study the potential for the development of offshore wind-related infrastructure within the waters and adjacent shorelines of the Commonwealth. The assessment encompassed a series of tasks, key among them an evaluation of underdeveloped and out-of-service waterfront sites, such as factories and power plants, that could potentially be developed through private investment. The study yielded a series of property assessments to guide offshore wind developers, manufacturers, other supply chain practitioners and private investors in their selection of sites to fabricate, manufacture, stage, deploy and service offshore wind components in the Commonwealth and along the East Coast.

The Ramboll team performed an engineering analysis for each property to create conceptual redevelopment designs, high-level cost estimates and permitting pathways required for the sites to be able to support offshore wind activities. These assessments leaned heavily on Ramboll’s in-depth knowledge of the offshore wind market and the very-specific requirements of various supply chain providers.

The project brought together leading global experts in the industry, experienced Massachusetts-based engineers, and world-renowned environmental researchers in port development and offshore wind energy production, as well as port professionals with direct, hard-won knowledge of the project sites in the study area and in the US offshore wind marketplace. Key members of the supply chain will assist in building this new branch of the offshore wind industry in the US.


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