We have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Here you can read more about some of the projects we are currently involved in worldwide or look trough our project database.

RBC-RBC Interface Analysis (Radio Block Control)

Commissioned by the Swedish Transport Authority, Trafikverket, Ramboll is consulting an RBC-RBC interface analysis for the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Programme in Sweden. More specifically, the analysis seeks to examine the compatibility of the RBC-RBC interface among the two suppliers chosen to install the ERTMS Level 2 in the Swedish ERTMS Programme.

The World’s Longest Rail Tunnel Implemented with ERTMS

Being the world’s longest rail tunnel with its 57 km, St. Gotthard railway tunnel is naturally included in the nationwide ERTMS implementation in Switzerland. Due to the potential maximum speed of 250 km/h, the Gotthard Base Tunnel must be fitted with the ETCS Level 2 for legal reasons.

ERTMS Expert Support and Project Planning for Queensland Rail

Providing Queensland Rail (QR) with ERTMS consultancy services, Ramboll is also managing the transformation of the inner-city network around Brisbane to the European Train Control system (ETCS) Level 2. The transition to ETCS Level 2 will improve operational safety as well as the capacity of the existing railway network while simplifying operating principles, safety rules and procedures.

ERTMS capacity in Finland

Desktop analysis, cost-benefit analysis, capacity analysis

A Future for Driverless Rail Operation on the S-Bane in Copenhagen

The potential for driverless rail operation on the Copenhagen S-Bane, Denmark, comes with the next generation of rolling (ERTMS) stock that is scheduled to take place between 2026-2036. An analysis was relatedly conducted in order to analyse how this potential driverless s-train operation may impact service-level and economy.

ERTMS across borders

Ramboll has been appointed by RB Rail AB to conduct a feasibility study of the control-command and signalling subsystems procurement and deployment strategy as a preparation for implementing ERTMS on the double track railway line on the route from Tallinn, Riga (LV), and Kaunas (LT) to the Poland border.

Norwegian ERTMS National Implementation - Framework agreement Technical consultants

The Rambøll Consortium is technical consultant to the ERTMS national implementation project in Norway. The project scope is installation on ERTMS in trains, trackside and procurement of a new Traffic Management System (TMS/CTC).

ETCS fitting of the Danish train fleet

As one of the main activities in the Danish Signalling Programme, almost the entire Danish fleet was equipped with on board ERTMS.

ETCS Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Traffic engineering, transport planning, ERTMS and safety

Digital railway programme in the UK – Signaling and ERTMS Services

Delivering the foundations for Network Rail’s Digital Railway programme will help realise significant network wide benefits for the railway by improving safety and punctuality, helping to maximise capacity, enhancing the customer experience and supporting future economic growth.

Train Protection Enhancement Programme - Richmond Station

Richmond station features Transport for London (TfL) District line and Overground trains alongside each other on adjacent platforms. This DEG Signal Ltd project assessed options for the fitment of alternative train protection systems at the station. This will offer TfL full operational flexibility for their Overground fleet across London's suburban rail network.


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