We have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Here you can read more about some of the projects we are currently involved in worldwide or look trough our project database.

Restoration of Natura 2000 bog area

The Natura 2000 site Sølsted Moor in South Jutland, a degraded raised bog hosting the only known population of Weatherfish in Denmark, is restored. The project includes clearing of tree growth and restoring hydrology and living conditions for the Weatherfish.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Park

The Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve is a nature reserve located in the northwest of Singapore. In 2002, it was the first wetlands reserve to be designated in Singapore and its global importance as a stop-over point for migratory birds was recognized by its international’s inclusion in the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network. In 2003, it was also listed as an ASEAN Heritage Park.

Nature rehabilitation in the Alling Valley

Restoring the streams of the Alling Valley in Jutland to their natural course will raise the water level across the entire 525 hectare area, thereby increasing the biological and recreational values of the Valley.

Restoration of Harrestrup Stream, Copenhagen

Restoring these 10 km of water course running through Copenhagen will have a significant positive impact on the natural value of the stream, creating an improved environment for local fauna and flora, as well as enhancing water quality. It will also serve to create an attractive oasis for the people using the stream surroundings for recreational purposes.

Nature rehabilitation in the Kastbjerg Valley

Restoring the wetlands and stream of the Kastbjerg Valley will significantly improve the natural environment of this Natura 2000 area, and will help to protect rare plants and fish stocks.

Progress toward restoring the natural beauty and value of Onondaga Lake and surrounding habitats

A 25-year undertaking, the remediation and restoration of the Onondaga Lake Superfund Site is one of the largest and most complex remediation programs in the US.

Mejlflak Offshore Wind Farm

Ramboll carried out site development for a potential offshore wind farm on Mejlflak in Aarhus Bay, Denmark. Ramboll's contract with Havvind Århus Bugt A/S included geophysical/geotechnical investigations and the entire EIA process including economic assessments.

Climate adaptation adds value to Copenhagen suburbia

The suburban area around Gentofterenden, north of Copenhagen, has suffered from severe flooding during cloudbursts. Ramboll has assisted in improving the water management by providing a carefully considered water plan that not only caters for the increased amounts of rainwater but also enhances the quality of life of local citizens.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Ellund/Egtved pipeline

Ramboll assisted in carrying out environmental investigations and an environmental impact assessment (EIA) in relation to the expansion of the capacity of the gas transmission system between Ellund and Egtved in the southern part of Jutland, Denmark.


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