Client consultancy

Building is not an easy task. It requires a lot of experience to build a building on spec, on time and on budget – and ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the process.

Client consultancy


At Ramboll we have the know-how to ensure a successful process and result – from the very first idea is developed into a business case and a design brief until the building is handed over to the customer. We even assist in developing procedures for operation and maintenance.

Client consultancy services

We offer client consultancy services (or project management, as some would call it) to customers who do not have their own project management teams. In this role, we act on behalf of the customer to employ architects, engineers, and contractors to design and build their building.

Our job is to act in the best interest of the customer, focusing on obtaining the customer’s objectives and ensuring qualified cooperation between the parties involved. We monitor the services of others and take corrective actions when required.

Measuring our results

It is always important for us to deliver high quality building-related services. We measure our results according to function, aesthetics, sustainability, indoor climate, energy consumption, operation and maintenance, as well as economy.

Ramboll client consultancy disciplines

  • Preparation of design brief
  • Planning
  • Project development
  • Tender methods
  • Investor and tenant consultancy
  • Analysis of properties
  • Construction management
  • Evaluation of conditions
  • Refurbishment processes
  • Facilities management


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