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Pat Ahern

Director, Specialist Services, Buildings
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Ramboll provides a range of services addressing all forms of vertical transportation; from lifts and lifting equipment, escalators and moving walkways to suspended access installations.

Whatever the building or location type, we are one of the few multidisciplinary consultancies that offers a truly independent service when there is a need to install, review, refurbish or replace equipment.

Working with developers, contractors, building owners, architects, system designers, local authorities and insurance companies, our dedicated vertical transportation team can supply a bespoke consultancy service. We are also able to provide a programme of surveys, reports and advice as part of a wider engineering brief.

Our services include:

New Construction

• Design of lifts, suspended access equipment, moving walkways and escalator systems
• Traffic analysis to determine lift, moving walkway and escalator system configuration
• Preparation of specifications
• Provision of technical data for coordination with other disciplines
• Tendering and drawing reviews
• Project management
• Phased site inspections
• Progress payment reviews
• Witness tests
• Final commissioning and de-snag sign off


In addition to the capabilities listed above, our specialists can also supply initial condition surveys of existing equipment and prepare refurbishment or replacement reports and cost plans.


We can assist property managers and owners in dealing with issues related to lifts, suspended access equipment, moving walkways and escalators, such as periodic inspections, maintenance tendering, term consultancy and general support.


• Building condition assessments
• Maintenance audits
• Refurbishment surveys
• Technical audits
• Due diligence and pre-purchase reports
• Forward cost plans
• Code compliance and barrier-free access

Additional Services

• Expert witness
• General technical advice on lifts, suspended access equipment, moving walkways and escalators


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