Civil & structural engineering

Structural engineering has always been the core of our strength and success. We strive to achieve a balanced design by adopting a holistic approach right from the feasibility studies deep down to the detailed design stages.


Richard Jowett

Richard Jowett

Head of Buildings KSA & Structures Middle East
T: +971 4 3343616
Swati A Shah

Swati A Shah

Buildings and Project Excellence Director, India
T: +91 22 6258 9797

We use state-of-the-art technology and software to ensure a reliable, robot and yet economical design. We seek value engineering through any aspects of design, from the soil-structure interaction and site-specific hazard studies down to element design.

Achieving fully coordinated designs

We have been using Building Information Management (BIM) as the state-of-the-art tool to help us achieve a fully-coordinated design. BIM is an integrated design tool that ensures seamless data transfer for multi-disciplinary projects. It provides a convenient way for modelling various building elements -  architectural, structural and MEP - and transfer of design data from each discipline to the others. This is invaluable for complex projects and can significantly reduce future clashes between services, thus improving the design coherency, speed of construction and economy.

Building-specific performance objectives 

We can also provide Performance-Based Design in our structural solutions. This new methodology provides explicit design criteria to specify expected performance objectives (e.g. immediate occupancy, life safety or collapse prevention) so the building can be designed in accordance with the expected criteria. This methodology, although time consuming and relatively costly over the conventional methods, results in a building that is designed not to some general criteria, but to the building-specific performance objective.

We use advanced analytical tools to study the true behaviour of structures and their interaction with the surrounding medium. This may lead to significant saving in piled foundation design as it represent a more realistic nature of stress and strain distribution at the soil-structure interface.

Close collaboration with leading authorities

Last but not the least is our technical collaboration with some leading authorities in design and code development. We are in a position to acquire first hand interpretation and support on some common pitfalls in design codes which will eventually enhance the quality of our design to an unprecedented level. We seek the advice and peer review of our internationally acclaimed technical partners whenever required.


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