Energy strategy & planning

To meet the fast-paced developments the energy sector is witnessing and overcome the challenges posed by the green transition, Ramboll offers a strategic approach to energy that considers both the energy demand and supply. Our experience and holistic perspective on energy planning enable us to find innovative solutions that provide long-term benefits to our clients, the environment and society.

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Anders Dyrelund

Anders Dyrelund

District Heating and Energy Planning Specialist
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Planning for the green transition

As a trusted partner for change, we use our capabilities in energy strategy and planning and our global presence to support our clients in capitalising on and planning holistically for the green transition. The basis of our work is first and foremost to understand our clients’ needs and ambitions in order to use our expertise and experience to the full benefit of our clients.

Our multidisciplinary team dedicated to energy strategy and planning is fully knowledgeable on the energy life cycle and positioned to work across the entire Ramboll organisation drawing on our full suite of expertise. This enables us to respond adequately to the questions and challenges the energy transition poses and provide advice to our clients based on the coupling of all sectors of the energy sector hereby providing the full picture. Moreover, our holistic and multidisciplinary approach also means that we offer one single point of contact within Ramboll for the development, execution and implementation of energy strategy and planning projects globally.

Our network of 300 offices in 35 countries worldwide offers our clients the advantage of a global platform with leading energy sector experts located across Europe, the US and Asia, offering the right local knowledge for the right geography.

Industry and urban energy planning

One of the main challenges of the green transition is to transform industries, cities and municipalities with low carbon economies. A contributing factor is that energy has been traditionally produced centrally and then distributed to the energy consumers through electricity grids and distribution systems, which implies higher costs and less efficiency. A green future, on the other hand, asks for a decentralised approach to energy that utilises the available resources as cost-efficiently as possible. This includes a reduction of costs and the optimisation in the exploitation of renewable sources, including a reduction in energy losses, both during production and supply.

Ramboll has worked in industries, cities and municipalities worldwide, assisting consumers, local authorities, energy suppliers and producers in aligning their energy strategies with operational, political, legislative and environmental goals and building a sustainable future.

Our services  within energy strategy and planning include:

  • Energy optimisation
  • Energy modelling
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Carbon strategies
  • Policy analysis
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Energy master plans
  • Advice on energy legislation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market models
  • Investment planning
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiation

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Energy strategy & planning

In an energy sector that is transforming rapidly, Ramboll offers a strategic approach to energy and utility projects facilitated by our holistic perspective on energy planning.

Read our energy strategy & planning capability statement.

Energy strategy: Heat Plan Denmark

Ramboll has, in association with Aalborg University, submitted an updated 2010 version of the strategic study Heat Plan Denmark. The study was presented for the Danish Minister for Energy and Climate.

See the Heat Plan Denmark presentation here

Stronger energy strategy & planning offering

Having a strong energy strategy and planning team that can address the energy sector in a holistic way, while also having in-depth technical knowledge of each of the elements of the energy system is essential to be a change partner to our clients, supporting them in the green transition. Read more about stronger energy & strategy planning

Ramboll supports research in energy infrastructure

The Ramboll Foundation has donated funds for the establishment of a new energy infrastructure institute at Copenhagen Business School. Ramboll is on the advisory board. Read more about Ramboll's support of research in energy infrastructure. 

Securing the energy supply for the European Union

In light of recent gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean, further steps are now being taken to contribute to the energy security and diversification of energy sources for the European Union. Read more about securing the energy supply for the European Union. 


Carlsberg Byen

Carlsberg sustainable urban development

It is the vision of Carlsberg Properties to create a new sustainable district in Copenhagen with housing, shops and office buildings in harmony with the historical old buildings and the neighbouring districts.

Copenhagen skyline, Denmark

Enabling climate strategies

The making of a strategy for the production and use of energy is a starting point for efficient energy management. Ramboll energy specialists and management consultants work with a number of cities and municipalities on the development of climate action plans to reduce CO2 emissions.


Beijing Least Cost Environmental Master Plan Project

Ramboll took part in a World Bank financed study for Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau. The aim was to analyze how Beijing could optimize the environmental benefit for all sectors: waste, water, waste water and air pollution from traffic and heating. Ramboll was sub-consultant for ES California for the component air pollution from heating.

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