Digital design and BIM

High quality 3D visualisations and better mapping improve the quality of projects and convey more information, decreasing overall project costs.

3D visualisation

By producing a 3D visualisation model, we allow a greater understanding of the project for both project engineers, the client and end users. By means of a 3D visualisation, the project owner is able to present his plans in a clear and easy-to-understand way, which can create a big impact - one of our customers recently stated: “A 3D model in this project has been a revolutionary tool”. All our visualisations are based on accurate maps. This accuracy means that the model can be used for more than spectacular visualisations. Among other things, the high quality of the 3D models makes them a valuable tool in the engineering work.

3D visualisation products

We offer several different products: 3D City models, 3D films, 3D perspectives, Photo montages, sun/shadow analyses, 3D environmental models, VR models, Flash presentations and more. In fact, everything that can be mathematically described can also be visualised. And everything that is correct and reliable can also be visualised in a spectacular way!


Detailed and accurate maps are fundamental requirements for area and volume analysis, project planning and 3D visualisation. The potential cost benefits of good, detailed maps are enormous compared to the cost of producing them. At Ramboll, we offer a full suite of mapping services, from planning and consultation to finished map products. Data gathering is a key element of map production. We help our customers determine what kind of data is suitable for their projects, and make sure that all survey data, aerial photography, laser data or satellite data are the very best available.

Mapping products

Our products include digital maps, orthophotos and terrain models. These are constructed and delivered according to whatever standards and formats are specified by our customers. We look carefully at the quality of existing map data to decide whether additional data gathering is required, so that duplication is avoided and costs are minimised.


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