Environmental due diligence

EDD is an important part of most mergers and acquisitions. The purpose is to evaluate the potential liability costs associated with environmental issues.



Yassmin Al-Khatib

Yassmin Al-Khatib

Head of Environment & Land Development
T: +971 02 6584618

Sunil Ojha

Principal, Environmental & Health, India
T: +91 124 4611 999
The Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)  process involves evaluating historical land-use data and activities, interviewing relevant staff, site inspecting sites and evaluating risks and potential costs. It often includes health and safety issues. Our project experience covers a large range of customers and industries, such as estate agents, hotels, and refineries. Buying customers benefit from a potential reduction in sales price, selling customers benefit from an unchanged sales price.
A full EDD process normally includes:
  • Start-up meetings with customer or lawyer    
  • Phase I     
  • Data room inspection     
  • Questionnaire or interviews with managers
  • Site inspection
  • Report, including findings, risk evaluation, liability costs, recommendations
  • Phase II

These general processes are always tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Field investigations of recommended issues from phase I
  • Report, including detailed budgets of remediation or abatement
  • Phase III    
  • Remediation of located contamination, abatement of noise, vibrations or odour

Specialist expertise

Our network of specialists allows us to carry out the EDD process anywhere in the world. Our clients benefit from our wealth of knowledge in all aspects of potential environmental issues. Our expertise enables us to provide a unique range of EDD services that cover all aspects of the process. We help our clients deal with soil and groundwater contamination, noise, dust, odour, spatial planning and health and safety.



Greenwich Millennium Village. Image: Jaap Oepkes

Greenwich Millennium Village phases 3, 4 and 5

We produced a tender devised to promote a competitive overall costing by designing for three alternate methods of construction. This placed the contractor in a strong position to secure the most economic solution.

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