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Air quality and air pollution are two of the most important health challenges facing people in cities around the world. The improvement of air quality is essential if we are to maintain an acceptable urban environment in our cities.


Yassmin Al-Khatib

Yassmin Al-Khatib

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Air quality and air pollution effects are considered very important environmental aspects in the Middle East. The continuous monitoring and improvement in our air quality is a priority here which is essential when maintaining acceptable environments in our cities.

Air quality, energy production and industrial manufacturing

The planning and control of energy generation, energy consumption and industrial manufacturing raises the following questions:

  • How can we avoid adverse effects on the environment at a reasonable cost?
  • How can we minimise and control air pollution?
  • What are the legal requirements for air emissions?
  • In flue gas cleaning, how can we ensure efficient use of absorbents, energy efficiency and additional heat recovery?

Reducing air pollution from energy producing facilities and industrial manufacturing are two ways of improving air quality. Our team of experienced engineering specialists can find the optimal solution for your facility, based on:

  • Local requirements
  • The needs and requirements of the client
  • BAT reference notes
  • Best available technique
  • Commercially available FGT technologies to reduce pollutants, such as dust, NOx, SO2, HCl, HF, heavy metals, and odours
  • Emission limit values
  • Quality assurance of automated monitoring systems for emissions
  • Consumption of absorbents
  • Generation of solid residues
  • Ash and residual product disposal economisers and condensation of water vapour from flue gas, including heat pump technology
  • Air quality and traffic

Transportation and mobility in cities have consequences. If we are to maintain an acceptable urban environment as traffic increases, we need to pay attention to the quality of the air. This means gathering and analysing environmental statistics and quantifying traffic-related pollution in order to influence driving behaviour and make better informed transport choices.

Traffic-related pollution has been a major issue in traffic and urban planning. Municipalities prepare action programmes on traffic and the environment, and authorities carry out environmental impact assessments of infrastructure projects.


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