Landscape & urban design

The way we use the land we live on can have a profound affect on our climate, our environment and society at large.


Yassmin Al-Khatib

Yassmin Al-Khatib

Head of Environment & Land Development
T: +971 02 6584618

Sunil Ojha

Principal, Environmental & Health, India
T: +91 124 4611 999

Development for a better world

Sustainable land use planning and development is about creating possibilities and environments which enable us to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives without damaging the opportunities for future generations to do the same.

Land is a valuable asset. Planning and building a city must therefore be a long-term, integrated process involving a cross-disciplinary approach in order to maximise the value of land. Complex problems shared by cities throughout the world include: traffic congestion and commuting times; air pollution; inefficient energy consumption; loss of open space and habitat; inequitable distribution of economic resources; and the loss of a sense of community.

Land use planning is the systematic assessment of land and water potential, and of alternatives for land use and economic and social conditions, in order to select and adopt the best land use options.

The way we develop our cities has an impact on our climate, our environment and our culture. That is why we must have a thorough understanding - an overall cohesive strategy for what is important and what it is we want to achieve. With the right strategy and the right tools, we have the foundation for truly sustainable development.

Climate change affects us all

Today it is a fact that climate change is a major threat and it's largely driven by human activities.  One our greatest challenges that the world faces today is climate change. Many countries in the Middle East have committed to responding to the direct threat of climate change and Ramboll ensures climate is considered in the planning process.

It is vital to involve as many as possible in the planning process, especially as planning can be such a powerful tool that can empower and encourage people to make lifestyle choices that are more sustainable and that support shared values at both an individual and society level.

Ramboll has the knowledge and the experience of bringing an international dimension to the fields of land use planning, spatial planning, urban planning and urban design, communications, consultation, legal issues, leisure and sustainability. We have the experts to assess the impact of development proposals and other land use plans on the environment, landscape and the transport network.


We offer our services to public and private clients, for example: 

  • Clients who request assistance with real estate design and development or investment in real estate. 
  • Private real estate owners, developers, investors, real estate brokers and real estate managers.
  • The public sector – government, municipalities and public concerns. 

We are specialists in the real estate field. Our consultants have educational background such as:

  • land consolidation candidates / master in real estate disciplines,
  • real estate broker with master in real estate development, and
  • lawyers / legal professionals

We have a wide range of projects within infrastructure, real estate design and development. Our key competencies are real estate law and land consolidation.We offer our services to public and private clients, for example:

  • Clients who request assistance with real estate design and development, land consolidation, investment in real estate. 
  • Private real estate owners, developers, investors, real estate brokers, real estate managers.
  • The public sector – government and municipalities and public concerns.

We can offer a wide range of services within the real estate field, for example:

  • real estate law
  • analysis of real estate matters / land issues / property relations
  • property measurement, dividing, assembling, transmissions, sectioning  
  • valuation of real estate
  • real estate design and development
  • profitability and risk analysis
  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • land acquisition and negotiations
  • expropriation
  • assessment procedures
  • land registration
  • land consolidation
  • urban land consolidation
  • planning processes
  • real estate management
  • project management

Ramboll has highly qualified personnel with a wide range of competencies including land use planners, architects, landscape architects, community planners, engineers, geologists, economists, land consolidation candidates, real estate developers, lawyers.



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