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Urban development, infrastructure, land cultivation and climate changes – all have an impact on nature. Through ambitious nature protection and nature restoration projects we develop solutions that help maintain and protect our common nature.

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Ramboll has extensive knowledge and experience in nature rehabilitation and protection schemes, internationally protected sites, work according to the EU Water Framework Directive, Natura 2000 plans, etc. We conduct field surveys, nature impact assessments, hydraulic modelling, planning and supervision.

Our biologists, geographers, landscape planners and engineers can all assist with their specialist knowledge as consultants to municipalities, public institutions and agencies, as well as private partners, combined when necessary with our additional environmental specialists in Ramboll in e.g. construction, transport, energy and oil&gas. We draw from an in-house resource base of more than 300 environmental experts.

Natura 2000 areas

Natura 2000 areas are areas which are protected under the EU Habitats and the EU Birds Directives. Ramboll has substantial experience in preparing Natura 2000 protection plans and in coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders involved, from local and central authorities to landowners and NGOs. As independent consultants we can facilitate the work, manage the time schedule and ensure involvement of all relevant stakeholders across municipal and regional borders.

We elaborate protection plans in close cooperation with the municipal environmental departments, making sure that the plans are fully prepared for public hearings and approval, and in accordance with local environmental legislation.

Nature restoration

We assist in nature restoration programmes, also in terms of safe-guarding these nature areas from future impacts, climate changes, etc. After extensive biological assessments, preliminary investigations, modeling and calculations, we elaborate preliminary and detailed projects and cost calculations, based on the client's needs.


Environmental authorities in Europe and elsewhere are working hard to prevent loss of biodiversity. We are consultants in all parts of the strive to protect our local biodiversity, among other through biodiversity surveying and identification of vulnerable areas, guidelines and authority management.
Environmental assessments and nature assessments

All types of impact assessments on nature and the environment, whether terrestrial, marine or related to freshwater, are within Ramboll's core competences. In connection with EIAs we assess the short-term and long-term impacts on nature when developing new projects.

We have in-depth knowledge of Annex IV species, which are flora and fauna listed under the EU Habitats Directive. Through extensive field surveys we ensure that the organic functionality is maintained by for instance establishment of new "replacement" areas, wildlife corridors, etc.

Ramboll also elaborates assessments on nature for projects that may have a negative impact on species and nature types in EU Habitat areas and EU Bird Protection areas.

The Water Framework Directive

The water plans according to the EU Water Framework Directive present challenges and possibilities for the municipalities and other authorities, and the action plans further open up for exciting overall solutions within the field of nature and environment. For the first time plans have been set up for the aquatic environment with binding demands to fulfil the objectives. The work comprises, amongst other, the following: 

  • Construction of wildlife corridors at dams and weirs in rivers and streams
  • Re-opening culvert streams
  • Restoring rivers and streams
  • Changing the maintenance of streams (regulative revision)
  • Wetlands and oxbow lakes
  • Restoration of lakes

Based on experience achieved through a large number of nature restoration projects, Ramboll offers to assist the municipalities in all fields of water plan actions. We offer turnkey consultancy, from prioritising the actions to preliminary investigations, detailed design, tender and supervision of construction works.

Our focus is on creating the optimum solution to benefit nature, landowners and users. We carry out consultancy in connection with projects in and around streams and lakes. Our committed employees comprise biologists, engineers specialising in construction, wastewater, etc. The consultancy is carried out in close contact with the responsible municipality.

Relevant projects

Multebær mose

Restoration of two bogs at Elsinore, Denmark

The two bog areas of Tinkerup Mose and Multebærmosen are both protected natural areas in the Municipality of Elsinore - they lie within the National Park of Northern Zealand. In the 19th century this landscape consisted of a large, expansive area of peat consisting of poor fenland, raised bogs and numerous small bogs where peat had been excavated.

Foto: Hans Ole Hansen, Naturstyrelsen

Nature restoration for Houting - an endangered fish species

The houting - a salmonid fish- is close to becoming extinct in Denmark and is included on the EU's list of endangered species. Denmark has received eight million EUR from the EU LIFE scheme to support the protection of the houting.



Habitat improvement and monitoring of the dormouse

The dormouse is one of Denmark's rarest mammals and is listed under the Bern Convention and EU's Habitat Directive as highly sensitive. Since 2006, Rambøll has been responsible for a habitat improvement programme for the further protection of the dormouse in Denmark.

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