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Environmental noise comes from a number of sources: we’re all familiar with the noise generated by road, railway and air traffic in addition to industrial noise.

Noise in the development process

Many construction projects must take outdoor noise into consideration if, for example, housing is built close to a road, a factory is placed close to a built up area, or a schoolyard is planned near a flight path. Noise is a key issue in many Environmental Impact Assessments.

We assist our customers with noise calculations, noise measurements and noise reduction. Noise conditions should be understood at an early stage of project planning when minor, relatively inexpensive changes can have a major effect on the noise environment of the finished project. Noise mapping entire municipalities can help determine where a new residential area should be, or how many people will be subjected to industrial noise if a new factory is built or an existing factory is enlarged.

Noise calculations and measurements

In smaller areas, noise calculations can quickly show the benefits of different approaches to noise reduction. By the same token, sound measurements can verify the benefits of using calculations. Sometimes a combination of calculations and measurements is the best way to study noise levels. For instance, to determine industrial noise, it is often best to measure all noise sources at close range and then calculate noise propagation. We can then find out how much each source contributes to the overall noise level and which measures would be most effective in reducing the overall noise level.

Ramboll’s acoustics experts

With their vast experience in noise studies, our acoustics experts enjoy instant access to all the latest measurement equipment. We work closely with traffic planners, air quality scientists, consultants, project managers and environmental departments to deliver an integrated solution to noise issues.


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