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Contaminated soil and groundwater pose serious problems to the environment.

Soil and ground water


Yassmin Al-Khatib

Yassmin Al-Khatib

Head of Environment & Land Development
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Sunil Ojha

Principal, Environmental & Health, India
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Ramboll’s knowledge and technology within this area is based on our experience in the mapping, risk assessment and decontamination of thousands of sites. Our clients consist of private and public developers on a local and a global level.

We provide professional skills and know-how in all the phases of a project: from preliminary studies and planning to decontamination and construction. We carry out our projects in multidisciplinary teams made up of engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, chemists, biologists, environmentalists and construction and infrastructure technicians. We also draw on Ramboll’s vast bank of experts and knowledge when necessary.

Contamination studies

Ramboll’s skills sets cover a wide range of jobs from minor local studies to major regional studies. We possess all the necessary technical equipment to study and document soil and groundwater contamination, including a field laboratory for measuring chemical levels in water, soil and pore air samples.

Pore air measuring

Pore air measuring is a reliable, fast and inexpensive way of examining contamination with labile substances like chloral solvents and oil and fuel products. We have more than ten years of experience, and our mobile laboratory can identify the field contamination on the spot.

Risk assessments

When soil contamination has been proven, the extent and risks involved from contamination have to be examined. We pay professional attention to the dispersal and seepage of chemical substances in the soil, then assess the risk to groundwater, indoor climate and land-use. We perform risk assessments based on simple and advanced dispersal models, always maintaining focus on our customers’ needs.

Indoor climate

An active and productive life is closely related to a healthy indoor climate. At Ramboll we examine and provide consultancy on chemical substances in indoor climates that originate from chemical products or from seeping soil contamination. We have a broad selection of measuring equipment at our disposal, and we collaborate closely with recognised laboratories to conduct chemical analyses.

Models for contamination dispersal

Ramboll is experienced in using models to create and simulate contamination dispersal. We input data on geology, hydrogeology and chemicals into an IT model and create a picture of the strength and dispersal of contamination found in soil and groundwater. This picture provides decision-makers with a useful tool for risk assessment.

Preventive and securing measures

Ramboll’s experience in the field of preventive measures includes:

  • Traditional removing activities with off-site disposal or on-site treatment of contaminated soil
  • Preventive pumping activities
  • Purification of free phase contamination
  • Construction related activities
  • In-situ purification by traditional and more advanced biological methods

Ramboll uses some of the most advanced equipment for testing preventive measures.

Environmental assessment of chemical substances

The number of chemical substances used in our society is on the increase. This is why we need to conduct regular environmental assessments on their application and disposal. We collect, interpret and assess chemical and toxicological data and conduct environmental assessments of the consequences of major projects in the public building sector. Tunnel-drilling chemicals, CFCs and flame retardants are some of the chemicals we assess.

Our departments for contaminated soil and groundwater work independently but collaborate with other departments with expertise in construction, infrastructure, environment and planning.


Relevant projects

Securing safe drinking water in Bangladesh

The people in Bangladesh are suffering from the deadly effects of contaminated drinking water. This has been caused by naturally occurring arsenic in the earth. The Ramboll Foundation has granted financial support for a three-year research project to secure safe drinking water.

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