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Today none of us can enjoy modern life even for a single day without maintaining communication with others or receiving information from radio and TV. Nevertheless, very few of us recognize that these modern conveniences are literally supported by masts and towers that are properly designed, constructed and maintained for that particular purpose. Ramboll does this.

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Pankaj Sachdeva, Country Market Director – Energy & Telecom

Pankaj Sachdeva

Country Market Director – Energy & Telecom
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Masts and towers are special structures

The analysis and design of masts and towers requires special knowledge and experience, especially when it concerns guyed masts." A guyed mast is one of the most complicated structures an engineer can be faced with", according to experts who think the special problems related to these structures are underlined by the many collapses which have occurred during the years.

The basis of design for such antenna supporting structures are sometimes many and often mutual contradictory, and the overall structural layout may have a dramatically effect on the loading on the structure. The loads are mainly meteorological from wind and ice and a combination of these. The dynamic nature of the wind needs also to be taken into account as masts and towers are more or less sensitive to dynamic loads.

Since the beginning

Ramboll has been heavily engaged in the analysis, design and construction of masts and towers ever since the formation of the company in 1945. Today we are ranked as the No. 1 design company globally within this field by ENR. Around 25,000-30,000 masts and towers all around the world bear the stamp of Ramboll design. Extensive engagement in international standardisation along with R&D ensures world-class designs.

The Ramboll design philosophy

Today Ramboll's design philosophy is well-known to the global telecommunication industry. With a constant focus on reducing the total site costs for our customers, our masts and towers have been optimised with regard to minimising wind load, foundations, logistics and installation time. And this with always maintaining a high quality.

Heavily engaged in international standardisation

Ramboll actively contributes to national and international committees and working groups concerned with the development of new standards and recommendations in the field of masts and towers. For instance, Ramboll is heavily engaged in the only global forum related to masts and towers (The IASS Working Group for Mast and Towers), and heavily involved in the development of the new Eurocode for atmospheric icing (EN 1991-1-9) and the Eurocode on towers and masts (EN 1993:3-1).

These engagements allows Ramboll to be in the forefront of the development within analysis, design and construction of masts and towers at a global scene.


With an rapidly increasing number of new towers for mobile networks, the appearance of the towers are becoming more and more important, as building permits become more difficult to achieve. Aesthetics have always been essential for Ramboll. An example hereof is the ID-tower series, which have been developed in cooperation with the well-esteemed Danish architects KHR A/S.

How to purchase Ramboll masts and towers?

Our designs are being produced by quality manufacturers in several countries and we can make sure that our customers will have the structures optimised especially for their project.

Several of our costumers purchase the specific optimised structures directly from our partners, or obtain the right to have their masts and towers produced at their own selected manufacturers.

Analysis and design computer software

It has always been essential to Ramboll to be in the very front in regards to development of knowledge in the field of masts and towers.

In recent years development and improvement of computer programs for design and analysis of masts and towers have been undertaken currently within our company resulting in probably the most advanced and sophisticated computer package in the world for this particular area.

On basis of the experience gained through six decades, Ramboll has developed a computer program named MAINMAST. And, there is no doubt that MAINMAST is the most advanced and accurate computer system for full dynamic analyses of guyed masts.

In this context, the programs iTower and RamTower should also be mentioned.

iTower is a commercial available software package especially made for analysis and design of self-supporting towers. Besides being a very effective and advanced software for both transmission line towers and telecommunication towers, the iTower is user friendly and have a series of features for various analyses.

RamTower is a very effective and extreme user friendly  program for calculation of lattice towers with triangular or quadratic cross sections exposed to wind and ice load. Several national and international standards for design of towers are implemented in RamTower.

Multidisciplinary consultancy

As a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Ramboll can undertake the engineering services and special analyses that may be needed within telecom infrastructures. For masts and towers this may involve geotechnical evaluations and designs, electrical and power evaluations and solutions, inspection during manufacturing and installation, etc.

We can also take care of the project management of major network roll-outs.

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