Validation & upgrading of telecom sites

The boom in the mobile telecommunication market has led to a consolidation of passive infrastructure such as towers and masts. In addition, the new technological demands for 3G and 4G networks have resulted in an increased demand for site sharing. As a result, customers need a validation of the assets they plan to purchase.


Ravi Kumar Bobba, Technical Director, Telecom

Ravi Kumar Bobba

Technical Director, Telecom
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Validation and technical assessments of passive infrastructure

Telecommunications networks, especially for mobile communications have become an investment object for professional infrastructure companies. They own, construct, and manage passive infrastructure, as well as rent support space for various operators. Therefore, the value and condition of sites (primarily the main structures, masts and towers) are very important for these infrastructure owners.

With a background of nearly 70 years in analysis, design, construction and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure, Ramboll has detailed knowledge of the main components in networks. This knowledge has been used by operators and infrastructure companies, who have hired Ramboll for the purpose of undertaking assessment and validation tasks for several thousands of sites, with a focus on towers and masts.

Upgrading and extending the capacity

The optimal use of existing masts and towers is a key issue for mast and tower owners. Using Ramboll's experience within analysis and with reinforcing existing structures can prove to be a highly cost efficient solution for any project.

Extending the capacity of masts and towers may be necessary for a number of reasons:

  • The number of antennas and feeders may be increased compared to what the structure was designed for
  • Change in the design codes and standards
  • The structures may be inadequately designed from the beginning
  • Fatigue problems
  • In some cases a better knowledge of wind and ice can lead to an increased capacity of the mast and towers

For many years Ramboll has assisted clients to extend the capacity of their towers and guyed masts to carry more antennas and feeders.

For guyed masts, an adjustment of the initial tensions of the guys, replacements of guys, and full dynamic analysis may prove to be an effective way to extend the capacity. In some cases a reinforcement of the structural members may also be necessary. 

When it comes to self-supporting towers, a combination of full dynamic analysis, rearrangement of feeders and cables and reinforcement of the structural members may solve many capacity problems.

We are using our sophisticated analysis software for analyses as well as for inclusive results that come from our Project Management tools, such as RamBase - a tool that helps us collect and report possible solutions.

We also have various ways of increasing the capacity of the foundations if necessary.

Reducing telecom site failures and outages

Downtime on telecom infrastructure is a costly affair for infrastructure companies and creates problems for operators and subscribers. However, the risk of failures and outages at sites due to poor or malfunctioning equipment may be drastically reduced when the condition of the infrastructure is closely monitored and tracked on an ongoing basis.

To achieve this, Ramboll has developed a technique for auditing the sites by using thermal imaging cameras, anemometers, vibration sensors, clamp meters and noise meters. In combination, these techniques provide the means to thoroughly measure and track the condition and working order of essential equipment.

Let us help you

Ramboll has been heavily engaged in analysis, design and construction of telecommunication infrastructure ever since the formation of the company in 1945.

We have closely worked together with several broadcasters, mobile operators, equipment vendors, and other involved in telecommunication on a global basis, in all these years. This is the experience you will have at your disposal.

Please tell us about your needs, so we can help you with the best solution for your company. In other words, based on your specifications or needs, we are certain that our experience will be valuable to you.

Multidisciplinary consultancy

As a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Ramboll can undertake the engineering services and special analyses that may be needed within telecom infrastructures. For masts and towers this may involve geotechnical evaluations and designs, electrical and power evaluations and solutions, inspection during manufacturing and installation, etc.

We can also take care of the project management of major network roll-outs.

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GSM-R Banedanmark Roll-out project

Banedanmark has decided to establish GSM-R coverage along all tracks in Denmark including tracks owned by private operators. Ramboll has as won the Civil Works part of the project, which in total was approx. 350 sites covering all of Denmark. About 200 of the sites were tower sites.

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