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One October morning in 1945, two young engineers, Børge Johannes Rambøll and Johan Georg Hannemann, stood side by side on the roof of the Danish Technical University where they worked in the centre of Copenhagen.

Børge Johannes Rambøll and Johan Georg Hannemann

“We stood there on the roof and talked about the company we wanted to establish,” recalled Børge Johannes Rambøll many years later. “What if we set up a little firm of our own?” 

It turned out that Rambøll and Hannemann were a perfect match; Rambøll, a visionary humanist with excellent leadership skills complemented Hannemann, a highly talented engineer with a flair for technical details. 

An ethical business with a human dimension

Being witness to the destruction of the Second World War, Ramboll and Hannemann felt a strong urge to help develop and re-build society.  

From the very beginning, they had a clear vision for how a responsible company should act and behave. They wished to ensure a long-term future for the company and the key to this was behaving decently and fairly – not just with clients but with each other. 

“Treat all others as you wish them to treat yourself,” Børge Johannes Rambøll was fond of saying and this idea still remains one of the guiding principles of the company.

Evolution into a global multidisciplinary organisation

While staying true to these roots, Ramboll has evolved over 70 years from a small Danish partnership into a Nordic consultancy before becoming the large respected global organisation of today. 

In the early days of the firm, broadcasting towers were the most important focus area. The company has since grown into a truly multidisciplinary business and today offers clients both specialised services and holistic solutions within Building, Transport, Environment & Health, Energy, Water, and Management Consulting. This expansion has been achieved through consistent organic growth and large strategic acquisitions in Denmark, Sweden, India, UK and USA.

Ramboll expansion through the years:

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